Extension of OpenMPCon Submission Deadline

Do you have something to share with the OpenMP community? Submit a short ab stract by June 15 to OpenMPCon for an opportunity to present! The deadline to submit a talk for OpenMPCon 2017 has been extended to June 15, 2017 and we encourage everyone to help us create an interesting agenda for the OpenM P Community meeting by submitting relevant talks, such as:

? A new tool with OpenMP support ? Extension of the functionality of your tool with better OpenMP su pport ? How you and your organization uses OpenMP in applications ? Ideas to extend OpenMP which can lead to an interesting discussio n ? Any other interesting news in the context of OpenMP

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for additional in formation on submission to OpenMPCon to present your work.

***************************************************************** OpenMPCon2017 September 18-20, 2017 Stony Brook, New York, USA
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IMPORTANT DATE: Abstract Deadline: June 15, 2017 ***************************************************************** Sponsored by: OpenMP ARB Description: OpenMPCon is the annual OpenMP Developers conference organized by the OpenMP community, for the community. OpenMPCon takes place 18-20 September in Stony Brook, NY, USA and will focus on the practical usage of OpenMP and other directive based languages, to deliver high-performance computing through parallel processing. Submissions: Submissions are requested from industry experts, developers, and academia on all topics related to OpenMP, including but not limited to: application development from any discipline, algorithms, performance analysis, tools an d libraries, optimization, verification, portability and education. Sessions can be in the form of technical presentations, tutorials and workshops, posters, or panel discussions. All submissions should be in the form of short abstracts (minimum 300 words, maximum 1,000 words) and must be handed in as a PDF document. All submissions will go through a peer review process. Session material will be posted on the OpenMPCon website and will be available to conference attendees. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: * How you Use OpenMP * Guidelines of OpenMP * Tips, tricks, gotchas of OpenMP * Performance of OpenMP * Conformance, build, options of OpenMP compilers/runtime implementations * Latest OpenMP and older releases and how it changes life for users * Accelerator, and heterogeneous computing (GPUs, accelerators, FPGA) * Tasks, task groups and task dependencies * Scientific, HPC workloads * Commercial, analytic workload * Oil and Gas use of OpenMP * Research on OpenMP (although a good research paper should be submitted to IWOMP) * Manufacturing, games, graphics, operating system, device drivers, and networking domains for OpenMP * Comparisons with other parallel languages * Future of OpenMP * Reduction * Base language (C++, C, Fortran) with OpenMP * Affinity * SIMD and vectors * Memory model, atomics, locks, mutexes, barriers & critical sections in OpenMP * OpenMP APIs and environment variables * Cancellation and Error Model * Technical Reports, TR1, TR2 * Arrays shaping in OpenMP * OpenMP concurrency and parallelism * OpenMP designs * Cancellation * Interoperability * Event programming, futures * Governance, ARB, committee logistics * OpenMP website, discussion groups, forums, wikis * Conferences, language meetings, IWOMP * Speculative execution and transactional memory * Software development tools for OpenMP * Relation with other (MPI, OpenCL, OpenACC, ISO, etc) * History of OpenMP * Tutorial-style sessions GENERAL CHAIRS Michael Klemm, OpenMP ARB CEO PROGRAM CHAIR Dirk Schmidl, RWTH Aachen PROGRAM COMMITTEE James Beyer, NVIDIA Michael Klemm, Intel Naoya Maruyama, RIKEN AICS Helen He, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab MARKETING AND SOCIAL MEDIA CHAIR Matthijs van Waveren CONFERENCE MANAGEMENT Kathleen Mattson Tim Lewis
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