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I am reviewing PCB Gerber files returned to me by the PCB fab house after their edits. I am not able to load the Excellon drill file oddly enough. It has an M70 code which GerbV flags as an error.

When I look up the M70 code I can't find a definition for it other than in the rather wordy command, "M02X#Y#M70" which is called Swap Axis. I do find M70 alone in many example files. I see it under "Inch Measuring Mode M72". So is M70 a synonym for M72? Excellon seems to indicate M70 is "format 1" while M72 is "format 2".

So how is M70 different from "INCH,LZ"? The example on the following Excellon page has an example drill file with both commands.

formatting link

If this is valid, why doesn't GerbV accept it?


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Wow, never heard of this command. I have the "Gerber format guide" published by Gerber Systems Corp in 1994, and I can't find any mention of the M70, they only list up to M65.

If it really is a swap axes command, you can just comment it out, and it should display it as you originally drew it. The swap axes might be for their own manufacturing convenience to fit the multi-up boards to their standard panels.


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Jon Elson

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