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Perhaps there is a better Android group somewhere, but this is the closest i can think of.

Question: What is the best place to store local app files, hopefully works for most Andorids? For example, "/data/local" seems to be a logical place , but i have to root the phone and open the directory for read/write. I ne ed someplace that will always work without customization.

For a Samsung T589, default /data/local RWXRWX--X, changed to RWXRWXRWX.

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Dig further and it will only get "better" :-).

Non-system (i.e. google? I am only a casual android user) apps are not allowed write access to external devices, e.g. an external SD card (discovered this trying to download something via utorrent one day (actually one night, I have a cheap tablet for in bed use).


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That's a behaviour change in recent Android versions. At one time, unrestricted access to external SD cards used to be allowed; I have devices running older Android versions which allow this.

IIRC, access to external SD cards is still allowed in current Android versions, but only to an application specific directory tree on that SD card.


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