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I have been given the task of trying to survey customers of "Green Hill Software's Integrity" and "Wind River's VxWorks" for Carnegie Mellon University. I would really appreciate being able to talk to any of you who have experience with one or both of these products. If you don't have any experience with these products, but do have experience with finding customers for this kind of surveys then you thoughts would be appreciated.

(I am mostly interested in their DO-178B and ARINC 653 products. Realizing this is a very small group I would like to hear from customers and users of their main product line as well.)

If I am using these group incorrectly then please let me know and I will cease and desist using this forum this way.

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Groups such as comp.os.vxworks might net you more responses.


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Though it has been about 3 or 4 years since I did a full analysis. I found a lot of information and RTOS comparisons at:

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A couple of years ago I found QNX and VxWorks were the best as far as true hard real time OS and well tested BSPs or HALs for various platforms. Good tools and support also. Integrity was also good if your on a budget. OSE was the biggest pile of crap I have ever used. There BSPs and HALs were untested and buggy on the PXA255 processor that I was using even though they were adimate that it was fully tested and working.

But these days with the various POSIX flavors, faster processors and heaps of driver/BSP/HAL support.. I would go one of the real time LINUX OSs. I used WinCE as well and it is pretty handy as far as getting something up and running quickly but then you have the tragic support issues and all the other Microsoft anomolies. actually it wasn't too bad.. I hate to admit. :( But LINUX is free.. go LINUX!!!!


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