Embedded System Design with Java

Has anyone successfully built an embedded product with an embedded Java VM? How did you build the board or did you buy one? Did you need to port the VM to your platform? We're you able to add custom device drivers to the Java VM? Any help here would be great.


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Yes, I worked for a company who made smartcards with a Java VM. How more embedded can you get ;-) The first incarnation used the Sun Javacard reference implementation in C, which performed adequatly, so porting of the VM part was minimal (of course you have to handle comms and memory management platform specific) The subsequent versions used very clever inline assembler macros to use the processor facilities for a VM as much a possible. Drivers etc. were handled by a Hardware Abstraction Layer API to facilitate porting. To aid the developers, we also had a port to Windows, so not everyone needed a rare and expensive emulator for Java development. Wim

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Wim Ton

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