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Is the Cirrus Logic CS8900 a good choice to use as an ethernet controller in an embedded environment? Any other recommendations? I'm using an Hitachi 2633 processor.


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Hi Dan,

We use Realtek 8019AS in conjunction with H8S2000 family.

They were the cheapest (I'm not sure if they still are) and easy to handle.

Here is our design with the H8S2398:

formatting link

The h8s is a very nice choice for embedded internet.

Good luck


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Interesting and added link from relevant site below. Also interesting you have managed a 100baseT version as well.

Be more interested if some of the pages linked correctly on your site, and above all else had details on availability and ROUGH pricing. There is very little information on the site.

Also for quite a few things. Having played with H8 and H8S for a few years now.

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Paul Carpenter

Definately yes. Very easy to inferface and working flawlessly provided you follow the app notes available from cirrus.

The ASIX probably? This chip is even cheaper than the CS8900a and can do 100BaseT.

Don't know it but any controller able to interface external memory or which is having GPIO's should do.


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Markus Zingg

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