Does LPC-H2214 have USB host?

Hello guys,

I am wondering is LPC-H2214 from here

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has USB host? It is not clear to me what "USB-RS232 virtual port" means. I am looking for ARM7TDMI based microcontroller with USB port so I can plug USB peripherals into it and would like to have eCos running on it. Can anybody help?

Best regards, Dmitry.

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Dmitry Mukhin
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Its a USB slave: if you look at the schematic you can see that its an FTDI FT232BM. So this lets you connect the board to your PC via USB but communicate with it using serial protocols. The HH2214 will just see a serial port.


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Andrew Jackson

That what I thought.

Thank you Andrew.

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Dmitry Mukhin

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Very few ARM7 chips have USB host. You can get an Atmel AT43USB380 Development Kit which has an ARM7 (AT91R40008) and a USB host.

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Ulf at atmel dot com
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Ulf Samuelsson

Thank you Ulf, I am wondering if I want to play with AT43USB380 Development Kit do I have to purchase AT43DK380-PDC1/2 and what they are?

Regards, Dmitry.

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Dmitry Mukhin

I am sorry, one more question. What about AT91SAM7SXX does it have host or slave?


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Dmitry Mukhin

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