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I recently purchased the DK900 Developement kit from

I was able to compile and run the samples, but I am having trouble trying to
add to the existing projects.

I added putch() for printf(), so that works. Now, when I add files to the
project to get user input and display a menu.
It compiles just fine, but the LCD display is messed up, indicating
something is wrong.
I have no idea what it could be?

I've never messed with Startup.A51 till now.
They do some memory swapping in Startup.A51

I am wondering why PSDload() and PSDload_Init() in Startup.A51?
 EXTRN CODE(PSDload_init, PSDload)
 LCALL PSDload_init

 EXTRN CODE(psd_init)

I have a function called DoLoop(), which just loops getting input, then
display a menu and run some other function.
I tried to swap PSDload and DoLoop in Startup.A51, but that doesn't seem to
work either.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your help,

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