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Hello, I'm (trying ...) developing an application with CAN Bean and I'm not an expert of CAN ... I set-up bit timing correctly (20uS) and I'm able to send messages with SendFrame but seems that OnFullRxBuffer event is never invoked, even OnReceiverErrorPassive/OnBusOff are never invoked, instead OnFreeTxBuffer is called.

This is CAN init parameters:

void CAN1_Init(void) { /* CMCR0: ??=0,??=0,??=0,SYNCH=0,TLNKEN=0,SLPAK=0,SLPRQ=0,SFTRES=1 */ CMCR0 = 1; /* CAN reset */ /* CMCR1: ??=0,??=0,??=0,??=0,??=0,LOOPB=0,WUPM=0,CLKSRC=0 */ setReg8(CMCR1, 0); /* CIDAC: IDAM1=0,IDAM0=0 */ clrReg8Bits(CIDAC, 48); CIDAR0 = 0; /* Set the acceptance code, register CIDAR0 */ CIDAR1 = 0; /* Set the acceptance code, register CIDAR1 */ CIDAR2 = 0; /* Set the acceptance code, register CIDAR2 */ CIDAR3 = 0; /* Set the acceptance code, register CIDAR3 */ CIDMR0 = 0; /* Set the acceptance mask, register CIDMR0 */ CIDMR1 = 0; /* Set the acceptance mask, register CIDMR1 */ CIDMR2 = 0; /* Set the acceptance mask, register CIDMR2 */ CIDMR3 = 0; /* Set the acceptance mask, register CIDMR3 */ /* CBTR0: SJW1=1,SJW0=1,BRP5=0,BRP4=0,BRP3=0,BRP2=1,BRP1=0,BRP0=0 */ setReg8(CBTR0, 196); /* CBTR1: SAMP=1,TSEG22=1,TSEG21=0,TSEG20=1,TSEG13=1,TSEG12=1,TSEG11=0,TSEG10=0 */ setReg8(CBTR1, 220); CMCR1_CLKSRC=0; /* Select the clock source */ CMCR0 &= ~1; /* Start the device */ /* CRIER: WUPIE=0,RWRNIE=1,TWRNIE=1,RERRIE=1,TERRIE=1,BOFFIE=1,OVRIE=1,RXFIE=1 */ CRIER = 127; /* Enable interrupts */ }

RXFIE bit in CRIER reg is set so rx CAN interrupt is enabled, acceptable mask is zero, so why is OnFullRxBuffer never called ... ? I'm sending messages with CANalyzer but

Probably I'm doing many mistakes ... I'm using CW 3.1 with PE 2.96.

Thanks a lof for any help.


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I have some sample code for the msCAN for the HC12 which should be the same as the HC08. If you are interested, email me at Due to spam this email gets changed after a couple of days so if somebody is reading this later and wants the code you'll have to go to my web site for a current email address. Steve

Steven D. Letkeman BSc. President - Zanthic Technologies Inc.

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