Convert 2 digit decimal to binary in 8051

Hello everybody,

I have two registers in my 8051:

R0 and R1 which represent a digit decimal number.

I need to convert it to a binary/hex number and place it in another register..

Was wondering if the following method would take care of it:

mov a,r0 ; take the units directly as it is to the LSB mov r7,a

mov a,r1 ; take the tens by mutliplying with #10D and mov b,#10 ; adding to the LSB mul ab add a,r7 mov r7,a

So would my r7 now have the binary equivalent of r0r1(decimal number)

Thank you, Methi

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As long as the original registers had binary values in them. If they had ascii characters then you would have to subtract 30h from them first.


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Actually I am trying to convert the decimal to its hex value.....

Any suggestions

Thank you..


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You should do MOD 16 and if result > 9 do if = 10 => 'A' = 11 => 'B' = 12 => 'C' = 13 => 'D' = 14 => 'E' = 15 => 'F'


P.S. Of coures this is just principle, you should write your own code

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Right now I am not exactly sure about what conversion I have to make...

Actually.... I am basically doing this:

I am moving #1 to #9 into my registers R0 and R1 depending on certain conditions..

Then I am moving the register values to the accumulator and subtracting #30h

Then displaying it on an LCD...

So I want the reverse of this being done...that is the values #1 to #9 in registers R0 and R1....basically represnting the units and tens of a

2 digit 99 or 45 or 66...... to hex value...

So this is basically a ASCII to hex conversion right??

For eg: if my R0 has # 2 and my R1 and # 3

I want this value 32 to be converted to hex...

How can I do that?

Thank you,


Mickey wrote:

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add an ASCII '0' to each 0x30h the LCD expects ASCII not binary. This assumes you are using a Hitachi based one.

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Neil Kurzman

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