Contacting mSATA disks in small space

We want to use mSATA disks, but the connectors intended for it (e.g. Molex 48338-0090: 9.25mm deep, minimum height 6.2 mm) are pretty big. So the mSATA disk is 3mm high, but when using the connector twice as much would be needed, similar for the depth.

One option would be of course to solder flexprints to both, the disk and the carrier PCB, but this is logistically inconvenient, considering the price dynamism of the disks.

I found some very low profile connectors that might be used to contact the lower side of the mSATA connector, but I would need something for the top side, too.

In a way, the mSATA connector is an ordinary 0.8mm pitch card edge connector. I cannot imagine that in the era of mobile phones, compact cameras, etc. there is no way to contact a mSATA disk with space that corresponds to the mSATA dimensions.


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Is it an option to cut a hole in your PCB and run the mSATA PCB next to the motherboard not overlapping it? An edge-soldered connector would be 3mm above your board, perhaps 1.6mm for your board, and 1.6mm below. Many laptops etc don't run the motherboard PCB underneath the mSATA area for this reason.


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Theo Markettos

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