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The orbiting weapons platform would probably have to get close enough for good accuracy.. Then it could spray until a hit. Maybe some targeting help with a laser or radar. D from BC

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Question 1:

> If a gun was fired near the earth at the right angle and in the right > place and at the right speed..would it orbit the earth? > Would the orbit decline?

From what initial position and velocity? You can very well set up the velocity and angle so the object is captured like an asteroid. Or so it slings around and gains a couple 10k m/s. Or so it spirals in. Or so it skips across the atmosphere. Or so it orbits above or below you on the next revolution. Or...

Question 2: > Could a space machine gun be an offense weapon for destroying > satellites, missiles or spacecraft? > Example: > A weapons platform can fire off thousands of 22 size bullets at a > satellite.. > Doesn't this make directed energy weapons, lasers and rail guns seem a > little goofy?

You ever try shooting a 10m wide satellite from a million yards? ;)


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Laser and radar with not help, since gravity has only a small effect on electromagnetic waves, where as the projectile will have a large influence on it's path from gravity...

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