CFP: The REALWSN'05 Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks

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               CALL FOR PAPERS

       Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks
               June 20-21, 2005
              Stockholm, Sweden
          Submission deadline: 29 March 2005

The purpose of the Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks is
to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the area of
sensor networks, with focus on real-world experiments or deployments
of wireless sensor networks.
When working with real-world experiments or deployments, many new
issues arise: the network environment may be composed of a variety of
different technologies, leading to very heterogeneous network
structures; software development for large scale networks poses new
types of problems; prototype networks may differ significantly from
the deployed system; actual sensor network deployments may need a
complex combination of autonomous and manual configuration.

Authors are invited to submit papers (5 pages, double column) or
poster abstracts (2 pages) for presentation at the workshop. Papers
will be selected based on originality, technical merit and relevance.

All topics pertaining to real-world wireless sensor networks are of
interest, including but not limited to:

 * Experiences with real-world deployments
 * Self-organization and self-management
 * Debugging, testing, and management
 * Deployment and configuration
 * Applications in medicine, industry, science, environmental
   monitoring, etc.
 * Security and trust
 * Scalability in practice
 * Development and prototyping platforms
 * Operating systems and programmability
 * Sensor network programming paradigms and languages
 * Middleware for heterogenous networks
 * Real-time and dependability issues
 * Hardware support for real-world sensor networks
 * Robustness at all levels: communication, software, hardware
 * Energy efficient protocols
 * Methods for measuring and assessing energy consumption

Important dates:

 Electronic submissions due:  29 March 2005
 Notification of acceptance:  2 May 2005
 Camera-ready copy due:       23 May 2005
 Workshop:                    20-21 June 2005
Organizing committee:

 Bengt Ahlgren, Swedish Institute of Computer Science
 Adam Dunkels, Swedish Institute of Computer Science
 Per Gunningberg, Uppsala University
 Sverker Janson, Swedish Institute of Computer Science
 Thiemo Voigt, Swedish Institute of Computer Science  

Technical program committee chairs:

 Thiemo Voigt, Swedish Institute of Computer Science
 Christian Rohner, Uppsala University
Technical program committee

 Tarek Abdelzaher, University of Virginia, USA
 Leif Axelsson, Ericsson Microwave Systems, Sweden  
 Mats Björkman, Mälardalen University, Sweden
 Torsten Braun, University of Berne, Switzerland
 Erdal Cayirci, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
 Jerker Delsing, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
 Adam Dunkels, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Sweden
 Jakob Engblom, Virtutech AB, Sweden
 Kevin Fall, Intel Research Berkeley, USA
 Laura Feeney, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Sweden
 Per Gunningberg, Uppsala University, Sweden
 Paul Havinga, University of Twente, Netherlands
 Holger Karl, University of Paderborn, Germany
 Jim Kurose, University of Massachusetts, USA
 Pedro José Marron, University of Stuttgart, Germany
 Prasant Mohapatra, University of California, Davis, USA
 Chiara Petrioli, University of Rome, Italy
 Hartmut Ritter, Free University Berlin, Germany
 Kay Römer, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
 Jochen Schiller, Free University Berlin, Germany
 Cormac Sreenan, University College Cork, Ireland
 Ivan Stojmenovic, University of Ottawa, Canada
 Andras Veres, Ericsson Research, Hungary

Adam Dunkels, Swedish Institute of Computer Science

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