Certification of embedded cellular devices (specifically PTCRB)


I am in the early stages of designing an embedded industrial product that w ill require a persistent cellular connection. I have been looking into what certifications my device will require for a primarily US customer base.

I have a handle on both the UL requirements (HAZLOC class I division II) an d FCC requirements. The other big certification I have come across is calle d PTCRB. My initial research hasn't uncovered too much about it. From what I understand most major cellular providers require m2m appliances to have i t. It seems that a large part of the certification scrutinizes your network interaction (connect,disconnect,send/recv data, etc).

The truth of the matter is that my projected volume will more than likely m ake most of the cellular/wireless certifications cost prohibitive, thus for cing me to use an already certified "end-product" instead of a module capab le of integration.

Still, I thought I might ask here to see if I can borrow some of your colle ctive wisdom.

Thanks in advance,


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