Bob Pease 1940-2011

I just found out that Bob Pease passed away on Saturday. Well known for his "What's All This . . . Stuff, Anyhow? " lead in to many columns and articles.

I knew Bob for the last twenty plus years, worked with him, debated him and respected the wealth of knowledge he had.

He liked and got a lot of public attention, in private he was a knowledgeable engineer with endless interests.

He will be missed, and the world has lost a real character.

Walter Banks Byte Craft Limited

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Walter Banks
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And that just after Jim Williams - in fact Bob was returning from Jim's memorial when he crashed his car:



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Steve at fivetrees

I was talking to a friend who is also an engineer the other day and he didn't know who Bob Pease was! I was floored and tried to explain to him why Bob is so significant. I found that I really couldn't put it into words adequately. Paul Rako did a great job of it in his article.

Bob was iconic as a nerds nerd and proud of it. But not the stereotypical nerd. He was a unique nerdtype all his own. He will be missed.


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Our role models die one by one, achievements and discoveries and original thoughts are silenced one voice at a time, and all we have to offer our future is PowerPoint and schedule compliance and ROI and CPM and unique visitor counts.

I sat on my hunkers. I looked through my peepers. I saw the dead burying the living.

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Well said.

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Jim Stewart

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