AT91SAM7S64 DBGU serial port receiver timeout interrupt

I have a couple of questions I am having trouble getting answers to from the local Atmel FAEs. Our software team is telling me that the DBGU serial port has an undocumented receiver timeout interrupt that is not disableable and can not be configured. They would like to use it, but they need a shorter timeout value. So they are asking for both the DBGU port for code booting and a standard UART port for application comms.

I can't find any info to support their contention that this interrupt exists. So I suspect that it is being emulated using one of the counter/timer channels. I would like to find out just what is going on with this "invisible" timeout interrupt since it may represent an easy way to emulate a timeout interrupt and make everyone happy.

Any really know what is going on with this? I don't know exactly what software they are using, but they have the IAR tools for the ARM.

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Are you sure they just aren't seeing the PIT or RTT, which share an interrupt with the DBGU?

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An undocumented interrupt makes no sense to me. How would the programmer deal with it?

Undocumented "features" that don't pervade programmer-space are one thing. Interrupts, that do, are quite another.


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Steve at fivetrees

I agree 100%. But it is hard to call someone stupid without having facts in hand. But sometimes it is hard to resist... ;^)

This reminds me of an insurance joke I read about a claim that they were hit by an "invisble" car that came "out of nowhere" and then "disappeared". Kinda hard to say it didn't happen that way, but I seriously doubt that any of that was literal.

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