AT91 USART configuration

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I am having problems setting up the USART on an AT91FR40162.

The AT91FR40162 is an AT91R4008 integrated with a 2MByte flash chip.

Basically, I disable P14 (TXD0) & P15 (RXD0) from the peripheral
controller so that they may be used by the USART.

I then:
1. Disable and reset the receiver and transmitter in
US_CR (control register).
2. I then set 8,n,1 MCLK in US_MR (mode register).
3. Write the divider into US_BRGR (baud rate register).
4. Enable receiver and transmitter in US_CR.
5. At this point, the TXREADY and TXEMPTY bits are turned
on as they should be in the USART status register.

My problem, no matter what value I write to US_BRGR,
in step 3 above, it alway remains 0, what could be causing
this, I have obviously missed something but what?
Needless to say the USART does not work, even if I set
it to local loopback.

Help, any advice would be greatly appreciated,

Re: AT91 USART configuration

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I have no problems with AT91M40400, AT91M40800 and AT91R40008.

Please post the crystal frequency and the exact bit patterns and addresses
they are written to (both parallel port and USART).

Tauno Voipio
tauno voipio @ iki fi

Re: AT91 USART configuration

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Likewise, it bit me too.

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