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At my work we have been using ARM based gcc compilers for a long time. All = of the ones we have used in the past included a crt0 which we branched to (= _mainCRTStartup) to initialize the stack, heap, process the command line an= d then branch to main (the stack, heap, etc issued a swi which we handled a= nd did the appropriate action). In the newer toolchains built for embedded = (none-eabi) it doesn't seem like crt0 is around anymore. Do I just need to = do the things that crt0 did in my own code, or is there a newer method for = starting up the C runtime before getting to main?

Thanks for any information you can give me.


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Last I checked, libgloss (part of newlib) still used crt0.S for startup, and gcc still looked for it, outside of arm-linux at least.

If your tools supplier does otherwise, you need to read their documentation to figure it out.

hmmm... perhaps it's the target triplet you're using?

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