are there reasons why to use SLIP in these days?

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hi all

i am dealing with a company that should develop a box for me. the box
should replace an existing box that is connected via rs232 to a pc.

now i have asked them to (instead of going to usb) make a proposal for
using ethernet instead of rs232.

upfront i described what i have in mind...dhcp support, commands via
http, box sending back data in base64-encoded fashion, wrapped with xml
message. etc...everything you need to have the box independend in a network.

now, their counter proposal is SLIP. and this is my question:

why should an existing box be changed to use ethernet if the intention
is to use SLIP? why not stay with rs232 or go to usb (if more bandwidth
is needed)? does anybody see a reason for that?

i must say i am a little bit clueless about this slip-proposal and i
don't know if it's *me* who is missing something relevant or its *them*...

thank you very much!


Re: are there reasons why to use SLIP in these days?
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You asked for a proposal to use ethernet, so it is you that
probably knows why it needs to be changed to ethernet?

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I think they have a design on the shelf that uses SLIP on a
serial port. Now that you have asked for ethernet, the probably
want to put in RS232<>ethernet converter, and a suitable
driver on the PC. From the PC's point of view, only a serial
port is added, but it happens to sit somewhere on the ethernet,
and connects from there to the plain serial port of the black box.
Doesn't really change the design, you could have bought that
ethernet/serial port elsewhere too.

Or something like that.

Thanks, Frank.
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