Any 80x86 assembly language jobs in the U.S. ?

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Are there any companies in the U.S. besides a couple of BIOS companies who are looking for experienced 80x86 assembly language developers (or even pure C language developers) in BIOS, DOS, embedded PC, or any similar low-level assembly language development ? Are there any assembly language or pure C (no suffix) telecommuting jobs or projects to be found ?

Also do any companies use standalone DOS (PC DOS or MS DOS) professionally for anything besides Symantec (PC DOS in Norton Ghost) ? Is DOS used in embedded PCs or any similar devices (PC/104 or ITX) ? More to the point, are there any DOS jobs or projects to found in the U.S. ?

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Jim Stewart

You may want to expand your search to include device drivers.

Someone, somewhere is making the next best video-card, or harddrive, or other USB connected device. These pieces of hardware need software. Everyone want to say their device is the fastest. With your experience, you know better and can prove it ;-)

If you can code drivers to match BSD, DOS, Linux, OS/2ecomstation, Windows16, windows32..... You are likely a wanted-person in certain circles.

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