HELP in Assembly language

Hi friends, I am a new member here, read few articles of this group and felt confident that you ppl can help me out.

I am new to assembly programming. Know a little bit of 8085 microprocessor.

I want to write a program in an assembly language accessing unallocated space of the hard disk.

I will be extremely happy to see any response to see to this message.

Thanks in advance.

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That's about 30 years old. Welcome back.

That's nice.

What kind of response are you looking for? For your program, you will need to know the processor type that you are using, the assembler you will use, the disk drive and interface, the file system used on the disk, etc. It could be an educational endeavor.

Post in newsgroups. Read responses in newsgroups.


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Thad Smith

If I were you I would first decide what processor I am interested in programming - they all have different assembly code. Then I would try to find a "simulator" to practise on. There are quite a few freeware software simulators available for some of the microprocessors that have been around a while, such as the Motorolas, Z80's etc. You can often find books at the library or used bookstores.

If you want to program a newer microcontroller get yourself one of the inexpensive development board kits available for the AVR or Zilog Encore. These include full software with C compilers, assemblers, simulators.

Larry Gagnon

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Larry Gagnon

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