Advice needed for Arcom Target board

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Currently attempting to hook up my recently purchased Target188EB to a
Dell Dimension 8300.  I am a novice at this so my questions may be real
basic but I am stuck and need your help.

Current status ...

Target188EB is on my desk
CAB-SVIF cable is connected to the little SVIF board & COM1 on my Dell
No cable connected between Target Board and COM2 (Dell doesn't have a
Planning to buy a "USB to serial cable" to provide the COM2 connection
Transformer is connected to my power strip

Problems I need help with ...

(1) No sign the Target188EB is powered up.  I believe the manual said
an LED should be lit.  Am I missing something?  What should I try next?

(2) When I attempt to run setup.exe, I get the following error message:

        EGetCWD[]: Could not get current directory

Can't find anywhere that tells me what this means.
I launched HyperTerminal and configured it but nothing shows up in the

(3) Will plan to use USB to serial cable as my COM2 work?

Need some advice to help me overcome these issues so I can continue
moving forward, else point me to where I can find the information I
require.  Thanks in advance.

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