Advantech PCD-897 configuration issues

Hello! I have an interesting problem. I own one of those things, an Advantech PCD-

897 board. Their site shows the board, either the ISA version which is that number, or its PC-104 twin. Problem is that I can't find any documentation to assist me in configuring it to place itself in a computer's memory.

Currently I have it wearing an M-Sys DOC 2000 device, which is the 16MB siz ed device.

And of course there aren't any help pages to suggest which of the three jum pers on the board should be set accordingly to enable the board to be seen. In fact the photos are all shown with the jumpers set, all three, and one device in socket 1.

Originally the board was obtained to facilitate the understand of the memor y technology drivers in Linux. Then it evolved into a different field entir ely. Now, don't laugh, embedded DOS.

Any suggestions from the audience please?

---------- Gregg

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As seen in the photo (mentioned below)

From the URL (below):

(usually between C8000H to E0000H) when connected to a PC"

Photo of board from:

appears to show a legend along the connector edge. Three "bit" settings ("Note: 0: Open 1: Close") for the set of three jumpers mapped to an address range (which appears below each three-bit setting).

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