68360 QUICC debugging

I'm working with a very old 68360 based embedded system running from flash ROM based on pSOS+ RTOS, and need to debug. The BDM cannot do hardware breakpoints while running from ROM and thus I'm looking for an emulator that may work with this.

I've tried an old Mikrotek power-pack, but it's DOA upon boot, and am looking at what anyone may have around they no longer need. I don't have a budget on this, it's simply a old hacking project I've got into.

Short of adding jumps into the flash ROM (which is tedious), I wonder if anyone may remember a good way to attack this.

Any ideas for what may be best here?

-- Bryan

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Bryan Fields
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I can only suggest searching Ebay for another Mikrotek.

Otherwise you have to internally instrument the code, for example output a code to a serial port at each module's entry and exit.

this doesn't help if you are debugging a race condition. ;(


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Ed Prochak

Don't suppose you (or anyone else here) might have some docs on the Mikrotek? I've got nothing but did work with one for Intel about 15 years ago. Was a basic serial UI IIRC.

Yea, it sucks. With the RTOS in there, there's limits to what we can do.

This old stuff is kinda fun, more to see where we came from 20 years ago.


-- Bryan

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Bryan Fields

Are you able to copy the code to ram and run it from there? Then breakpoints are easy.

When I worked with 68k devices (68332 mostly), I copied the code to ram and ran it from there. It made debugging a lot easier.



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David Brown

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