New site on Philips EE (Elektronik Experimentierkasten) kits

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Dear reader,

In case you are interested in information on the well-known Philips EE
electronic experimentation kits (they were very popular in Germany in
the sixties, seventies and eighties, especially the EE2003 kit),
please have a look at my brand-new web-site at . You will find information on circuit
updates/corrections , new designs (two enhanced shortwave receiver
variants derived from the original EE2003 kit, and more designs to
come), and a page with several links to other Philips EE and general
electronic info sites). The site will be updated regularly.

With highest regards,
J. Kranenborg,

PS: This is a re-post; I had to withdraw the original version because
my email address got spammed immediately after posting the message.
Please do not use the mail address mentioned here, but use the contact
info on my web-site instead

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