will on/off cycles help extend device battery life ?

i have a cheapo wireless camera that can run continuously for ~3hrs on 9v battery.

looking for ways to extend the life of a 9v battery used in the camera ? that is extend the length of battery replacement time ?

will on/off cycles, e.g. 5 sec on/5 sec off give an extended say 6 hours operation or would on/off cycle be more draining ?

TIA robb

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Rob B
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use a larger battery.

possibly sliggtly more draining. I'd expect atleast 5.5 hours.

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Jasen Betts

on/off cycles(50%duty cycle) will help extend the battery life by only


the battery life will improve more than 63% for duty less than 50%.....

instead use two 9v bat. in shunt....

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