USB Switch (not hub; not KVM)

I need to constantly transfer files between two networks (corporate & analysis) that *cannot* be connected directly. Currently, we copy files to a USB flash drive on a machine on one network, then move the flash drive onto a machine on the other. Very tedious, especially as we do this at least once/hour or thereabouts...

Is there any reason I shouldn't build a 4PDT switch in a box - plug the flash drive into the box connected to the centre of the switch, wire USB plugs to the two outsides (poles), and stick one plug into the laptop and one into the corporate m/c?

Only one side is ever connected at a time, so there shouldn't be any problems with connecting two +V together, and since the cables would be short (

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Andrew Merton
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You can buy commerical versions of this (google "USB switch") so I think it should be no problem. Most of the commercial ones feature "auto switching" which could be a security risk in your situation.

You may be able to find an old manual VGA or parallel port switcher and reuse that.


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andrew queisser

If you build your own you will get many headaches at that data transfer rate. Off the shelf switches have a wide range of characteristics at high baud. Tom

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Tom Biasi

ive had the same prob needing a 30second to 60 for a automation project, so built my own. ajustable from 0-60sec to delay switch on wile the pc boots so my relays dont flicker. no 555 timer in this circuit. just a large cap to do the timeing. i could send a circuit to youre email if you want it.

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crazy frog

wrong post site

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Ask for an "A/B" switch:

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Cheers! Rich

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Rich Grise

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