Serial Breakout Box

Looking for an inexpensive (less that $100) serial RS232 breakout box. Can set BAUD, etc and then receive serial data. needs to have some sort of data bit output; TTL or ?. up to 8 bits.

nice to be able to send simple data byte back. A kit is fine.

what's out there?

I already have USB breakout boxes so that is not needed.

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If you were to type in "RS232 IO board" you'd most likely find something.

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That is just an example, many more..


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Maynard A. Philbrook Jr.

get an arduino or a board from they are quite easy to program and there ais plenty of sample code out there.

Bye Jack

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raspberry pi + usb-to-serial

raspberry pi, arduino, or basic stamp + MAX232

RPI I/O is 3.3V CMOS, others are 5V CMOS

umop apisdn
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Jasen Betts

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