Pspice of a RC circuit in parallel


I'd like to monitor the Capacitance and the Resistance as a function of DC bias when a sinusoidal voltage (that has a DC offset) is applied at constant frequency on a RC circuit in parallel.

For example, for a circuit where R=1Kohm, C= 1nF, and the AC applied bias has a certain DC offset (set to "0" here, see below), a fixed AC voltage amplitude of 50 mV and a fixed frequency of 1KHz, I thought of something like:

------------------- Test circuit

R1 1 0 1000 C1 1 0 1e-9

VIN 1 0 SIN(0 50e-3 1e3)



However, I don't know how to sweep the DC offset bias in the sinusoidal voltage signal (which is fixed to 0 in this example) and plot R and C vs. DC applied bias. Does anyone would know how to do that? Should be very simple, (I guess) but I can't find examples in the Spice documentation that I have.

Thanks a lot

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Neither R nor C will change as a function of DC bias. Some types might, but not the ideal Spice parts.


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John Larkin

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