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Hi. I picked up one of those battery/alternater testers at Radio Shack on clearance for a few bucks. This is nothing more than a row of LED's which light depending on battery state and/or alternator output. In other words, the higher the voltage read at the test leads, the more LED's light.

What I wanted to do was open it up and modify it to energize the LED's for a 2 to 5 volt range instead of the 10-14 vdc range (I think that's the right voltage range) that it was currently designed for. It has only one IC, the PA2003C. I believe by modifying the values of the resisters, and perhaps using a separate battery to supply VCC, I can get this tester to work on the lower voltage.

The problem is that there's plenty of PC2003C's on the market, but I cannot find any information at all on how to use the chip. A data sheet would be nice, but just a brief description will get me by.

Does anyone know anything about the PA2003C?

Thanks! Denis

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Hi Denis, I found the uPA2003C made by NEC might be what you're interested in.

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Hope this helps, Bart

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Thanks very much, Bart! That's what I'm looking for. Plus, I was not aware of the archive site (being a novice) and I'm sure it will be of great use in the future.

Regards, Denis

Bart wrote:

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