How to deal with barking dogs (was: design and parts ?)

I want to build the killer of all dog bark stoppers.

>[...]we have neighbors with two dogs that they leave in a fenced yard >and they bark at anything that happens within a 1/2 mile day or night.) >[...]been thinking about running a bunch of the piezoes in series and[...]

...and, you think that AGGRAVATING the animals FURTHER will make them QUIET.

There are surely laws on the books where you are which deal directly with irresponsible pet owners and with noise abatement. Make 2 telephone calls, first to the police then to Animal Control. After the authorities are finished talking to the people, have the cop give you a copy of the report which includes the case number and name of the responding officer.

If the problem happens again, make the calls again, this time using the previous case number. Request that the same cop respond. The people will be given a date to appear in court where they will pay (in money and time) for their bad behavior. Get a copy of the report on this incident as well.

If it happens a 3rd time, reference the 2 previous reports and request that the dogs be removed.

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Actually the original device did work. They would stay away from the section of the yard closest to our house if they barked while I was using it. Problem was they continued to bark towards the back and on the other side of the yard. That's why I want to crank up the power. The original device creates a variable sound that fluctuates between

20 and 50 khz. It's trigger by loud, low frequency sounds. It might aggravate dogs, but they definately will move away from the source of the sound. I've seen it work. Some of our friends in a denser neighborhood with small yards have one and if the dog next door to them starts barking and sets it off, that dog goes straight back it's house door and starts whining to get back in the house.

Noise abatement laws and enforcement vary from locality to locality. In our area, police don't handle barking bogs, animal control does. Like most places, our animal control is understaffed and often takes hours to respond to a call if they ever do. If the dog in question in not outside barking when they get there then it doesn't count. Just because you report it does not matter. And there is very little escalation even when they do find a barking dog.

So, you got any suggestions that would help me build a high power current amp?

Sorry to the responsible dog owners out there if I've offended. But some people just don't care that their dog barks at everything all day.

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The motorola peizo 'super horns' are capacitive in nature... thats why you can hook them across a speaker... they self-cross over at about

2khz. They will tolerate about 20V. So get a +-20V sawtooth wave out of a functioon generator and drive 4 or 8 of those tweeers in parallel. Dont hook em up in series. Caps in series get smaller.
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Yup and mean while as this is going on, you'll get egged ,threaten, harassed with no proof at all. They'll watch you like a hawk looking for any little thing they can call you on..

It's not worth being a jerk with people that have miss behaved animals. All that happens in the end is the animal ends up in a place most likely destine for the bone yard. If you want that on your conscience then fine, I guess that makes you no better than they are.

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There is a reason(s) why dogs bark.

It may be due to loneliness, exercise (lack of), etc., but usually NOT to attract attention.

Being nice to the owner should be a tried, by advising about the dogs getting a varying environment.

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