Converting balanced audio output for an unbalanced input 5m away

I assume that you meant the VHS deck takes UNbalanced inputs. Have you checked

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They may have something to help you.






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We have a VT deck with balanced outputs (on XLRs) for audio. Thanks to help from this NG I managed to build a simple volume control so we can leave our powered monitor speakers (out of reach on wall-mounts) at max and control the input from the desktop. I'm now trying to build some more functionality into the same box.

I need to be able to feed a VHS deck which takes balanced inputs via a Scart. I've found a couple of circuit diagrams on Jensen's website ( at

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) but they require audio transformers I can't seem to find in the UK - can anyone suggest a circuit diagram that'll do the job with parts I can get from (say) Maplin in the UK?

Plus a quick question if I may - the writer of the article says that it's best to stick the balanced -> unbalanced converter at the unbalanced end of the cable because of capacitance on the line - while I understand it makes sense to keep the line balanced for as much of the signal path as possible (common sense), is there anything I can do to minimise the capacitance effect mentioned? The signal, once unbalanced, has to go down around 5 metres of unbalanced shielded cable before it reaches the VHS machine.

Any thoughts appreciated.


-- birmingham uk

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