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Is it possible to convert an analog meter that measures up to 500mA to read up to 1 amp and also 1.5 amps.

This is to measure the draw on a 12 volt DC circuit. Motor is supposed to draw 0.91A

Thanks, Pat

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It\'s possible, and all that\'s required is to place a resistance in
parallel with the meter which, in the 1 amp case, diverts 1/2 of the
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John Fields

If you can supply the meter with 500 mA, do so, and put a resistor in parallel with the meter. Adjust the resistor's value until the meter reads

250 mA. It will take a low value of resistor (maybe .1 Ohms), most likely.

For the 1.5 amps case, do the same but adjust the resistor until the meter reads 1/3 scale.

If you can't adjust the meter to read exactly 500 mA, set a convenient value (as high as possible) then adjust the resistor to read half of the value. This doubles the meter's range.

Good luck.


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John - KD5YI

I gave up. I bought a better meter.

Thanks for the replies

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Pat Kilgore

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