Connecting monophonic audio signal to soundcard line input?

On the plug, ground is the larger of the three metal pieces, is that correct?

I would like to connect a monophonic audio signal to the line input of my soundcard.

Is it OK to leave one of the two stereo contacts left/right open? Or should the monophonic audio signal be connected directly to both?

The physical connection/soldering stuff is not a problem.

Thank you.

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John Doe
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Yes...closest to the base of the plug.

It is usually okay to connect one output to two inputs, but the reverse is wrong, unless buffering is used. Some minor impedance matching issues may be encountered.


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Tom MacIntyre

ground is the larger metal part

it's ok to leave one signal contact open, BUT this might induce low frequency noise so best is ground the "open" contact

however and just for comfort reasons it might be best to connect both to the signal since all speakers are operational then

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