Can I get some help on finding a wireless light set?

Hi All,

I am looking for wireless small red light I can activate remotely.

You see, I morning meditate in the living room and want to alert my wife upstairs

to not disturb me until I am done.

I got this idea to turn a little red light on in the bedroom in case she is still


Do you know where I could get such an item? (I have had no luck scouring the web

so maybe not using the right keywords.

Many thanks,


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Hi, Jim. Stop by Radio Shack and then plug your night light with red bulb into the Wireless RF Remote-Control On/Off Switch Catalog #:

61-2667 $9.97 USD.

By far the least expensive, lowest hassle way to do this.

You're lucky to have such a considerate wife. Possibly it's the meditation.

Shantih Chris

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