"6000 count" display?

Some DMM manufacturers state that the display of a meter is "6000 count" capacity.

With all those 4 digits, the display could show 9999.

Why is it called "6000 count"?

Thank you.

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Gloria West
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The link didn't work for me. Anyway, the DMM is probably programmed to read up to 5999. The majority of DMMs can display up to 1999 and are called 3 1/2 digit types. Those reading up to

3999 are often called 3 3/4 digit types. Those going up to 19999 are called 4 1/2-digit models, and so on.
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I've been used to seeing that nomenclature: 3 1/2, 4 1/2... Had not seen the spec called "Display Count" as 6000, etc.

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Gloria West

"Gloria West"

** Cos that IS in fact the largest reading possible on the particular meter.

There are 2000, 3200, 4000, 6000 etc count meters on the market that all use 4 digits.

The really important difference is in the accuracy built into each model - there is really no point in having more than 2000 counts shown if the basic accuracy is only 1%.

Generally, 2000 count meters have 0.5 % DC accuracy, 3200 count meters

0.3%, 4000 count 0.25% and 6000 count 0.15%.

The principle being that in the worst case situation, where only 10% of the available count is visible - the meter's inherent * inaccuracy * affects only a single count.

The worst case is when the reading is just a tad over what the next lower range will accommodate - like 201 mV on a 2000 count meter.

..... Phil

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Phil Allison

This is where a so-called 3 3/4 DMM (up to 3999) comes in useful for me as the standard mains voltage here (India) is 230V.

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See page 2 of:

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John Fields

David Jones does a nice job explaining counts in his EEVblog.


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or, if the line wrap in the above causes trouble:

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then look at EEVblog #26 - Multimeter Counts, Accuracy, Resolution & Calibration


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