Willcox ESR Meter (was Poptronics Magazine)

Before getting onto the subject matter I want to relate a problem I experienced while trying to send an email to snipped-for-privacy@btinternet.com with several JPG attachments (Willcox ESR meter MkII) using Agent. The file was too big and my ISP email server stopped the transfer. When I deleted the attachments from the email (from within Agent) I soon found that the files had also been purged from the source folder - they weren't even sitting in the recycle bin. I used a freeware prog called Restoration and was able to recover all but one insignificant file. Needless to say I won't be using Agent to send email with attachments again - just in case. I'll stick to Eudora for that function.

I have been in contact with Alan Willcox and he informs me that his health is not the best at the moment. He has promised to send me documentation on a project he is currently in the process of developing, ie. an add-on ESR adapter for use with a digital meter. While his older ESR Meter MkII is still valid the cost of purchasing a suitable moving coil meter movement is relatively high, plus the fact that the user needs to produce a suitable meter scale for whatever meter movement is available. An add-on adapter reduces the cost to a very small figure indeed since all techs and hobbyists will have a digital meter to hand.

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Ross Herbert
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Care to share with us all??? How bout sending it up to a.b.s.e. Please? al

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