What is the best way to buffer a signal ?

Could some electronics guru please help ? I have a simple NRZ encoder consisting of a MOSFET in series with a resistor, where neither of the two devices are grounded. In this case, what is the best way to buffer the output so that it does not load the succeeding stages ?

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A link to a circuit diagram, or a more detailed description, may help. Also the circuit (logic) that will be behind the buffer may be important.

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John Fields

Well, if it's NRZ data, I'd guess it's a digital signal. That means you have noise margins to maintain (but I see no clues to what those margins are).

That will depend on the source signal size, DC level, and impedance as well as frequency range of interest. It'd be nice to know any power supplies available. It will also depend on "the succeeding stages" which are the load. You will NEVER achieve "does not load" conditions, of course... you just have to satisfy the load to achieve the function.

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Use an Optical Isolator/Optical-Coupler.

Since NRZ is nothing but a serial stream of 1's and 0's, it's a simple matter of isolation.


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