Very small SMT pot w/ shaft

Hi All, I am doing a very small design and am wondering what's available in an SMT pot with a small shaft. For ballpark size, lets say 0.3 in square

0.4 high including shaft. Or the smallest you've come accross. TIA Harvey
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On 19 Jun 2006 18:56:41 -0700, "Harvey" Gave us:

I believe our smallest used device was like 5mm x 5mm x 3mm tall.

Cannot remember the brand however... sorry.

Aqueous safe Metal wrapped hi temp plastic body (one should still bake). Single turn.

Shaft? We didn't need no stinkin' shaft! :-]

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Roy L. Fuchs

On 19 Jun 2006 18:56:41 -0700, "Harvey" Gave us:

BTW, SMD top adjust pots are usually NOT made with an extended shaft as the sidereal forces involved will almost always cause a mechanical failure of a solder joint in a relatively short time. I'm sure somebody make 'em tho.

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Roy L. Fuchs

Hello Harvey,

I'd reconsider through-hole even if the remainder of the board is SMT. As Roy mentioned the stress on the solder joints could be a challenge. Then there are also the digital potmeters. I just designed one in a few weeks ago. It even has an internal EEPROM so it won't "forget" the position.

Regards, Joerg
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We've been using Bourns pots, but thru-hole. They do have a few SMT offerings. Check out

formatting link

Vishay should also make some decent pots.

Branding does matter--we tried another manufacturer sold by Mouser or Digikey (can't remember who?) and those pots were terrible!


Harvey wrote:

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