ultrasonic distance sensor

is it possible to use an ultrasonic distance sensor inside a tube to detect water? tube is 1/2" plastic.

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Yes, easy as can be, just make sure that the tube is perfectly straight and the distance is NOT any multiply of 1/4 wave length. In such conditions you get an ultrasonic musical instrument vibrating to your tune;^).

Happy music, have fun.


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Stanislaw Flatto

I would sure think so -- but the reading will be a bit different than expected because sound travels more slowly in a tube than it does in free space.

Your round-trip travel time for 150 ft will be almost 300 mS so you'll surely have to modify the rangefinder elex or build your own. Putting the transducer down the pipe a ways would eliminate that issue, just have it a couple of feet above highest expected water level.

National used to make a little sonar chip, LM1812. It's long obsolete but it might work nicely if you can find one.

Ultrasonic transducers are easy to find surplus. See, e.g.,

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You can use the same 'ducer for xmit and receive, just as fishing sonars do.

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Don Foreman

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