Switch on by Using the Terminal Strip vs. Using the Switch on the External Hard Drive

I recently got an external hard drive, an OWC Mercury AL-Pro. It has an external power supply - from the size of it, I thinks it's a switch-mode.

The only power switch is on the hard drive enclosure itself, not on the power supply.

I have the thing plugged into a terminal strip that has individual switches for each outlet.

Does it make any difference to use the switch on the terminal strip for the on-off switch and leave the switch on the enclosure always on?

I'm thinking that maybe the switching power supply might put out a pulse at turn-on, and so it might be better to have the switch on the enclosure off until after the power supply has been turned on.

Even if there is a pulse from the power supply, is it possible/likely to damage anything?


--- Joe

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Yes. No. Maybe. Really hard to say conclusively. Absent a specific caveat in the user's manual, I'd assume that it's okay.

Rich Webb     Norfolk, VA
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Rich Webb

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