Some progress on my welder conversion

Hi Glen, you may be interested.

(a comment to those who missed my previous posts, I am converting my welder from CC only, to CC and CV as well as selectable voltage range, with hopes to make it into a plasma power supply also).

After a little test run, I am putting together what will become the final rectifier and controller. I connected it with half of the secondaries connected as Wye (which, as I know, makes too much voltage).

After a lot of messing around, I am finally able to properly control OCV with a pot. That was a very happy moment!

formatting link
formatting link

My plan for tomorrow is to put together a rudimentary control panel (on/off, voltage and current control pots) and connect rectifier to welder outputs. Maybe even test some stick welding, in 3-4 days.

After that, I will try to make a reconnector to select between paralleled delta at 66 VAC, and sequence Wye at 220 VAC, using five 24 volt contactors.

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