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Hi, Apologies for intruding on your NG's. I was just wondering if anyone remembers Mike Crimmins? He used to post here. Mike passed away in September of 2004, after a long battle with a variety of medical problems, a few months after his 50th birthday. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him. He loved his Chemistry, nature hikes on Massachusetts trails and in quarries, used to talk in his sleep about polymers, molecules, and Linux, and could make the meanest batch of chili you ever tasted! He is sadly missed.

Take care,


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He sounds like a fine man, we are sorry for your loss.

It looks like he posted as Michael or Mike Crimmins in the sci.chem, sci.engr.chem, sci.chemistry, sci.chem.coatings,, sci.engr.biomed, sci.polymers, alt.coatings.paint, and alt.inventors groups among others. I don't think we saw much of him here in s.e.d.

It looks like a he recently got a Mazda Miata M2, and was interested in aftermarket mod kits. He must have enjoyed that car.

    - Win
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