Re: Help! My spice computer needs windows reinstalled...

> powerampfreak wrote: > > > Hi! > > Actually somewhat out of topic in this ng, BUT in fact used for SPICE > > which is electronic associated, I think > > this question won't hurt anyone: > > I need to reinstall windows XP. Does the "Repair" (R) function in the > > install menu just reinstall windows and still let my programs and > > outlook mails and such be intact? > > I realize desktop shortcuts and icons may disappear but that's not a > > problem. > > I just need to know that mails and programs are still operationable. > > By the way, could anyone tell me how to "export" mails in Outlook for > > backup and possibly putting into a new Outlook installation? > > Thanks, > > > Yes; boot with the CD as if you were going to do an install. > Then after the "Welcome to Setup", press enter for the "To set up > Windows XP now,press ENTER". > Press F8 to agree. > ..."use the UP and Dpown ARROW keys to select an installation" > "To repair the selected Windows XP installation, press R" > ----> Press R and everything from that point forward will act exactly > like a fresh installation, including the stupid "If floppy disk in drive > A, remove it" which *really* means "remove CD", as well as re-entering > the key serial number. > All programs will be intact, the desktop will be intact; i cannot say > for OutRook as it is a POS that should *NEVER* be used unless someone > pays you at least a million dollars tax free! (Ditto for > InsipidExasperator). > I suspect that crap will also be there, because data on the hard > drive is not altered by this repair procedure.

Why do you even have a computer if EVERY program gives you fits?

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