Re: Hell, a perfectly Offf Topic, polical rant - which you should ignore

Life is a weird thing when it comes to communicating. Think of how much

> you project even before you meet someone ...

Yes, and you can heal all that:

"You have the sense of looking out into the World through the 'lens' of your perception and it seems information comes in to you through this lens. This is only partly true. At a deeper, unconscious level you have been first projecting information in the form of attitudes, beliefs and expectations through the lens out onto the World who reflects it back as 'perception'.

"Just as the projector sends light through the filter of the film to the screen, the very act of looking out there for something sends the light of your attitudes, beliefs and expectations to the World who then reflects it all back to you. Whatever images, sounds, feelings, tastes or smells are implied in the unconscious 'film' in your projector at the time of 'perception' get projected out, and are of course what you get back. With the projection mechanism out of awareness, it seems very much like your perception is of something external and objective." ---

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Cheers! Rich

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Oh, so God(tm) is the answer, right ??

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