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> >I spent considerable time investigating 7.1 amplifiers/receivers to maybe >buy one. > >Now I want to buy the Creative Labs home theater cable to be able to connect >the X-Fi elite pro soundblaster to such a 7.1 system. > >It now turns out I can only order this cable via Creative Labs and via >credit cards ? > >I don't have a credit card... many people in the Netherlands probably don't >have a credit card. > >This means I am not stuck with the following: > >1. I cannot connect all of the 7.1 amplifiers and 7.1 receivers in the world >to this device because of incompatible connections. >(The only possibility is non-analog connections but this would be >unstatisfactory because this would disable 7.1 support and other features). > >2. I can only presumable connect Creative Labs speaker sets... lock in. > >This is starting to piss me off. > >Therefore I ask a question to all folks in the Netherlands and/or in the >rest of Europe: > >1. Did you purchase a Creative Labs Home Theater Cable ? > >2. If so where did you purchase it ? > >3. Do you have a link to a website where I could purchase it without credit >cards ? > >4. Failing that do you know a shop in the Netherlands where I might be able >to purchase it ? > >I definetly do not want to purchase any Creative Labs speaker set because of >bad quality experiences. > >Also most if not all of the speaker sets that Creative Labs sells are not >7.1... the best one is 5.1. > >(Apperently there only 7.1 speaker set got discontinued because of >pressumbly bad quality). > >"Vendor lock-in" could be a nice extra compliant in a possible law suit >against Creative Labs... added to "poor quality" complaint. > >Also why did they not supply this home theater cable when I bought the >creative x-fi elite pro soundblaster ? > >Seems like a pretty important cable ! > >Non of the dutch webstores seem to have it ?! > >All in all very suspicious ! ;) > >Bye, > Skybuck. >

All the Dutch I know have credit cards, passports, and cell phones. I think you should use twinax cabling to preserve the hi fi quality of your digital cables. Some people remark that their home made interconnects made with RF cabling sounds amazing, much better than commercially made.

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I hate to think how unless living next to an RF transmitter.


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