Re: 11kw 240vac 60(ish) hz 1 cyl diesel Generator "problem"

So, I built this generator a few years ago. The thing is based on

> 1930's technology, its just plain simple and works (for the most part)


#4 Put "Something" between outlet and SmartUPS when on generator > power. Such as: > > A) AC -> DC -> AC converter (wow redundant) > B) Transformer -> 60hz LC tank circuit -> Transformer > C) magic pixie dust. > > So any other thoughts?

D) Ferroresonant tansformer, a la Sola constant-voltage transformer?

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With a changing frequency, that won't work.

E) Mag-amp F) MG set with fly wheel

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Mag-Amp, as in Magnetic Amplifier? While this is my first exposure to them (and from my research, they are pretty clever devices!) I don't see how I'm going to fix the frequency variation with a Mag Amp...... (unless I feed the Mag amp a seperate 60hz control signal..)

Hmm, I didn't think they actually made such a thing Till I googled for it. :)

Assuming a 60hz in - 60hz out MG set, will it filter the frequency domain if its all running on a common shaft (even with external flywheel?)

I need to work up the courage to put together a voltage divider and plug my sound card into my wall outlet and digitize the generator ouput error so I can actually measure how bad it is under a heavy load... Hmmmmm

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You can shift phase with a magnetic amplifier. Varying the phase can correct for frequency modulations shifts that are smallish.

The flywheel supresses short term variation in frequency. The more massive it is, the longer "short term" means.

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Use a voltage divider and a woofer, then a microphone to the sound card. How's that for a new twist on "acoustic isolation"? :-)

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