Quantum communication between people (iris photon entanglement)

Once I saw beautifull blue eyes on a girl where the sun was shining in her eyes, the photons were exploding through here eyes like exploding tiny blue crystals.

(I wrote about this story once before).

People also talk about "contact with another person" or lack thereof in autistic persons.

This contact is actually described in the dictionary as (sort of) "telepathy".

Autistic persons may experience "social people" as being capable of performing telepathy.

Science/scientists write about "quantum teleportation" using photons.

It doesn't take much to see where this is going by adding up these phenomenon.

Here is my latest whacky theory/hypothesis:

  1. People themselfes/human beings can actually communicate subconciously via quantum teleportation.

  1. Either the eyes or brain is responsible for this link.

  2. It could work as follows: The iris who's functionality is yet unknown by science and which is dismissed by science as by chance and beauty purposes at best could actually be a "quantum entanglement" device.

  1. People frequently say "the eyes are the gateway to the soul"

  2. And sometimes people feel like somebody is looking at them, and behold it's true.

  1. There are reports of people "feeling" that something happened to their loved eyes, persons who they may be strongly entangled with at the quantum level by this constant staring in the eyes.

  2. Perhaps the autistic brain does not want to be quantum entangled is so hyper sensitive that it rejects these entanglements to be more free.

Where there is smoke there is fire ! :)

Bye, Skybuck.

P.S.: For this group, maybe some day, some electronics device can help with testing this hypothesis :)

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