Programmable Gain Amplifier

can somebody suggest me a low noise, faily low cost, programmable gain wideband amplifier with bandwidth>=20MHz, gain varying from 1 to at least 10 and with high CMRR?

any further links/tips/approaches will be highly appreciated. TIA, Shreyas Kulkarni

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Shreyas Kulkarni
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The programmable gain (in 0.25dB steps) that I mentioned in another thread (GPS/cell-phones) works at 1GHz ;-)

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Jim Thompson

Burr-Brown (oops, TI) has some nice digitally programmable instrumentation amplifiers, but not with that kind of bandwidth. You haven't spec'd the gain accuracy, input bias current, nor what constitutes "low noise". There are additional choices if you supply your own analog switches in tandem with the amplifier, many more if you supply the gain-setting resistors though getting flat frequency response may require some care. Maybe you provide more detailed specs, or at least what you might be willing to trade off?


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Frank Miles

Hi Frank,

Then there is the AD603 which is quite decent in cost, a few Dollars, if that's in the budget. But my all time personal favorite is the old yet still somewhat popular uA733. At under 40 Cents it is a steal. This one needs to be treated differentially and gain control is not dB-linear but at that price I always gladly took that in strides.

Regards, Joerg

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