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Joerg, A while back you mentioned using a Senheiser wireless mic in your church. What amp do you use with the mic?

I want to buy a backup for our amp. It's a (shudder) Realistic that has served beautifully for 8 years and I'd buy the same thing again if I could, based on how reliable it has been, but it's no longer available.

I'm looking for good brand name. I need an amp with integrated mic mixer for 2 mics minimum (the current amp will mix up to 4). Don't need a lot of output power, and its speech only, not music. I figure that best brand name will apply whether the amp has a built in mixer or not.

Thanks, Ed

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We are using a large Yamaha mixer with built in amplifiers. One of those professional deals with XLR and all that, but old.

Those things are remarkably robust. We have a Realistic amp as well, for secondary speakers. This drives the nursery speaker and the one in the cry room. Pastor then asked us to put sound into the narthex. We connected another two speakers to this Realistic amp, no problem.

I am no expert on this but the Yamaha has been good to us for well over a decade now and I believe we bought it used. Ok, the VU meters are shot and so is the DSP part in it. But what really matters are the slied-pots and those all held up. If I were in your situation I'd look for a used Yamaha but make sure to get the pro stuff, not consumer/hobby grade. Not our model though with umpteen input channels, that'll be way too big for you.

Regards, Joerg
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Thanks. And you're absolutely right about the number of inputs. The fewer controls the better. :-) Plus, more inputs generally translates into bigger footprint, which is undesireable.


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